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The most popular sneaker brands and models

2019-10-04 16:39:42


Sneakers… how did they become so popular? Taking a look back it’s not hard to remember that sneakers always had a specific purpose - to be used for exercise, running, hikes and other sports activities.  However, as the active lifestyle movement became bigger, sneakers became a day-to-day part of an outfit and an obvious fashion trend. 

Each year, the most popular brands present a huge variety of different model and style footwear. From light and breathable to insulated and dedicated to hiking. In other words - for any case in life. As the selection is becoming wider and the desire to stay fashionable is growing, Shipzee prepared a list of the most popular sneakers brands, which will boost your sneaker knowledge and encouraged to update your footwear closet.


#1 – NIKE


1964 – the year the world was introduced to Nike. It’s hard to find anyone nowadays, that never heard of Nike. Makes you wonder, how they became so popular? The answer is uncommon for this type of product. It’s not the comfort of their footwear. It’s the effective brand marketing, which portrays the brand as being high quality and successful. Over the years, many professional athletes such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and others have fallen in love with the Nike brand and their products. Many noticed that it’s not only a brand name, it’s a way of life.  


Goes well with:

Nike sneakers are very universal. From gyms to office wear, from picnics to… weddings! Yes, Nike sneakers can even go well with a wedding dress or suit! It’s a new trend that isn’t shocking to the majority and is becoming more and more acceptable in modern weddings. Nike sneakers can be perfectly matched to a tulle or a checkered suit and prepares to a long night of dancing.


The most popular Nike sneaker models:



Most popular Nike sneaker models can be found here >>




Adidas was established on August 18, 1949. 15 year before their biggest rival Nike, was founded. Adidas is the biggest footwear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. Popularity? People are not questioning Adidas product quality, however, it is safe to say that long-term cooperations with various celebrities had a huge impact on brand popularity. The newest brand ambassador is currently a model and cosmetics line creator, Kylie Jenner, has also already made moves to promote Adidas. It’s said that the creators of Adidas are true scientists.  


Goes well with:

As Nike, Adidas sneakers can be worn at any time, at any place. Classic style sneakers go well with both skirts or conservatives suits. Let your ideas flow and forget the saying “Sneakers do not go with a dress”! New fashion trends are dictating what is in right now!


The most popular Adidas sneakers:



Most popular Adidas sneaker models can be found here >> 




Boston, 1906. An Irish descent immigrant gifts the world extremely comfortable New Balance sneakers. These are the sneakers that shook the whole world and brought a new approach to comfort and style. New Balance products are manufactured in the US (70%) and the United Kingdom (30%).  This brand is only one of the few that manufacture their products locally and not in a foreign country (many brands have their manufacturing done in Asia). New Balance became popular for a few reasons. People that have wider or narrower feet could now always find a pair of shoes as New Balance produces footwear for various width feet. They also use especially design gel technology that gives their shoes feather-like softness. However, you should note that shoe sizes in the US stores are marked differently than in Europe.


Goes well with:

Everything you can find in your wardrobe. If there is a pair of the most universal sneakers - it has to be New Balance. Exclusive designs will make everyone’s head turn while you rock your sneakers in such comfort, you won’t even feel them on your feet. Com-fort - a word that is best to describe New Balance.


The most popular New Balance sneaker models: 



Most popular New Balance sneaker models can be found here >>




The iconic Converse brand was founded in 1908, USA and by many were called rubber sneakers. The first Converse sneakers that hit the market featured the classical, high top, black color Converse model, which many still love till this day. In 1920, part of basketball style sneakers were renamed to “All Star” models and when Charles “Chuck” Taylor contacted Converse and complained about the pain of his feet, Converse offered him to become a brand ambassador. That is how the “All Star” and  “Chuck Taylor” logos on Converse shoes were born. Their sneakers became more and more popular and became a symbol for comfort, style and adaptability. 


Goes well with:

Skirts, dresses, leather jackets or your casual office outfit. Converse is breaking the walls of stereotypes and shows that everything is in the details. Converse sneakers can be distinguished from far away. Maybe this will be a start of a perfect conversation?


The most popular Converse models:



Most popular Converse sneaker models can be found here >>


#5 – PUMA


The third biggest sneaker company in the world, Puma, was established in 1924 when two brothers, Rudolf Dassler and Adolf Dassler, built a factory named Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. In 1948 the path of both brothers split and this is how Rudolf’s company “Puma” and Adolf’s company “Adidas” were created. Could this phenomenal brand demerger be the most successful in history?  We would believe so. Have you ever heard of the saying “German quality”? If so - Puma is the brand for you. Their sneakers are considered to be one of the most comfortable in the world and such celebrities as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez have already fallen in love with this brand. 


Goes well with:

Even though, Puma sneakers are loved by basketball players and other athletes, they can be used not only for active lifestyle. Like Nike or Adidas, Puma sneakers go well with any outfit. Classic Casual models will perfectly suit skateboarders, Space Agency style sneakers are a must have for people who love extravagant style, Optic Sheed – for exercising (Crossfit, Bodybuilding and other) and Lucky Star models are a perfect fit for basketball fans and people who like to be noticed in the crowd. 


The most popular Puma models:


Most popular Puma sneaker models can be found here >>


#6 – VANS


Vans sneaker history started in 1966. The creator of Vans has only one goal - make high quality products. A word spread about high quality, youthful and stylish sneakers. The news amazed the world and the sneaker designs left everyone astonished. Vans were loved by active lifestyle and sports fans, music stars, subcultures and fashion gurus. As strange as it sounds, Vans did not agree to cooperate with celebrities in order to increase their profits. Vans believes that the most natural way to increase popularity is by avoiding brand ambassadors. By mocking Nike, Puma, Adidas and others, Vans is conquering the hearts of fans in other ways: quality, designs and youthfulness.  


Goes well with:

By taking a look at some of Vans sneakers models below, it would not be hard to understand, that the versatility that these sneakers offer is remarkable. Sure, the classical models won’t be the best pick for playing basketball, however, Vans offers incredible models that would be great to wear during parties, vacations or active freetime. Take a look at these models and they’ll tell you where you’re going today. 


The most popular Vans sneakers:



Most popular Vans sneaker models can be found here >>


The most popular sneaker brands are constantly changing. Fila, Under Armour and Reebok also often get in the tops of popularity. Sneaker styles change, however, brands loved by millions around the globe mostly stay the same.  

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