How to Use Shipzee Services


Are you interested in using Shipzee services, but feel confused about how to do it? With Shipzee services shopping in the USA online stores is extremely simple! 

You can make a purchase using Shipzee in two ways: 




How to shop in the USA using the Individual Order service?

For the best shopping experience, we have created a simple quote form and hand-selected the most popular electronics, clothes & accessories, beauty products, food supplements, and auto & moto parts US online stores that have the hottest discounts, reaching up to 85% off and more! On our website, you will also find regularly updated information about seasonal and regular sales for specific products and brands. 

Browse US online stores, select the best deals, fill out the price request form and receive the final price offer! By submitting one price request you can order items from several different stores.


How to fill out the price request?



1. Enter your email address.

2. Enter the correct URL of the products you wish to order. 

3. In the comment section, enter the information about the size, color, quantity, or other available variable.

4. Click on Submit and within two hours on average we will send you the final price offer via the provided email.



How to shop in the USA using DealZone?

DealZone is a shopping area where you will find the best offers from various US online stores. All you have to do is add items to your cart and pay – just like in any other e-shop!



1. Select the items you want to purchase. 

2. Specify their size, color, and other parameters.

3. Add the items to the cart, where you will choose the shipping and delivery methods and pay for the order.

The estimated price in DealZone is shown after calculating all taxes related to the product (sales tax, customs, brokerage fee).



What is important to know about purchasing goods using Shipzee platform?


Order payment 

All purchases from US online stores are made after receiving the payment from the client. Paying for your order is very easy!

1. Choose the method for shipping from the USA.

2. Choose the method for delivery in Lithuania.

3. Fill in the contact information.

4. In the last step, after selecting the payment method, you will be redirected to the transaction administration page to complete the payment.


Is it possible to use DealZone and Individual Order services to place one combined order?

No. Individual order and DealZone are two different services, therefore, to use them both you will have to place separate orders. 


When will my order arrive?

On average it takes 5–7 business days for the purchased products to reach our US warehouse. Depending on the US online store, the delivery might take longer than usual. Once the products arrive, we ship them out via Economy Shipping (by ship) every Thursday and via Express Shipping (by plane) every Friday. It takes 7–10 business days for packages shipped via Express Shipping and 2–3 months for packages shipped via Economy Shipping to be delivered once they have been dispatched from our US warehouse.


What items cannot be shipped using Shipzee services?

List of prohibited items:

  • Firearms, guns & their accessories, including replicas, compound bows, and crossbows.
  • All types of knives (hunting, combat, kitchen, folding, knife replicas, accessories, parts).
  • Thermal imaging, infrared, or other night vision devices.
  • Rifle scopes, laser pointing & aiming devices for firearms, ammunition.
  • Defense articles controlled under the US Munitions List as defined under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.
  • Explosives, fireworks, gunpowder, flares or matches.
  • Gasoline, diesel or other fuel.
  • Prescription medicine.
  • Prohormones, Human Growth Hormones, stem cell treatments, steroids or synthetic versions.
  • Perishable products of any kind.
  • Foods that are not resistant to temperature differences, have a short expiration date, are packaged in foil, glass or fragile packaging.
  • Alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Poisonous substances.
  • Toxic substances, including inhalation hazards.
  • Infectious substances.
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.
  • Radioactive elements or products.
  • Oxidizing agents.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • BB/pellet/airsoft/paintball guns, parts and projectiles.
  • Damaged batteries.
  • Any dual-use or commercial article controlled under the Commerce Control List (CCL) as defined under the Export Administration Regulations, where the control status requires a Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) approved export license.
  • Contraband or illegal substances.
  • Gambling devices & accessories.
  • Live or dead animals or insects.
  • Agricultural products, including certain seeds, live or dead plants, unfinished or untreated wood & soil.
  • Items containing animal products controlled under the Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act, or requiring a permit under CITES.
  • Any unidentifiable material, substance or chemical.
  • Subscription items.
  • Damaged electronics and other defective items that could be perceived as waste.
  • Products filled with gas (aerosol, CNG, etc.).
  • Batteries that are not installed in or packed with a device.


For more detailed information about the services, visit our FAQ section or contact us by phone +370 68 659994 or by email [email protected] and we will answer all your questions!

 Shipzee is not the official distributor or manufacturer of the products and has no affiliation with any of the brands present on the website. Shipzee is an intermediary platform that helps its clients to shop from US online stores cheaper. Prices indicated in Shipzee offers are final and include all related item, services, delivery fees and import taxes.

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