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Why is it worth purchasing items from the US using Shipzee?

2019-09-27 09:43:54

In most cases, Shipzee helps Romanians and Lithuanians to order items from the US at a lower price and faster than the client could purchase it himself.  


USA - lower product price than in Europe


Shipzee has noticed that the bigger the market, the lower the price. The US has one of the biggest  electronics, auto parts and clothing markets in the world and when it comes to be competitive in a large market, low product prices are crucial. Moreover, in order to reach more customers, special discounts, sales and various promotional codes are used, which in turn offer better product pricing. Meanwhile, Europe does not have as large of a market, therefore, merchants, although avoiding to admit, enjoy having greedy product mark-up margins. 


(Prices shown in the example were valid on 23rd August 2018)


Most of Shipzee clients that order footwear, clothing and accessories, usually select to have the items ordered straight from worldwide known brands such as Guess, Michael Kors or famous online stores as,,,, and others. 


High product quality


As sad as it could be, there are many rumors in regards to US brands using lower quality materials when manufacturing products for the European market. By purchasing items directly from the US stores you’ll be safe knowing that you’re getting the best quality products the brand offers that will let you enjoy them for a long time. 


Lower order price using Shipzee than making the order yourself


By purchasing products from the US individually, you’ll have to pay for the product, cover sales taxes, pay shipping fees and also importo taxes. Depending on the product, the final price might be two-thirds, or in some cases,  double the actual product price. 

By using Shipzee as your order mediator you can be calm that you won’t need to overpay. Shipzee uses long term experience in order mediation, partnership programs, various discounts, gift cards and other saving techniques in order to get the best price of the selected product from online stores. Meanwhile, the shipping fees are kept as low as possible by consolidating weekly packages. Sales taxes and import fees still need to be paid, however, all of these applicable taxes are included in the final price.


(Prices shown in the example were valid on 13th July 2018) 


(Prices shown in the example were valid on 2nd July 2018)


Huge variety of everyday and exclusive products in the US 


There are some products that you just simply can’t find in Lithuania or even the whole of Europe. From music instruments to auto parts, from cosmetic products to newest clothing collections. We’re not afraid to say it, other markets can’t compete with the US. The US online stores have an exclusive selection of various products. Shipzee customer support team  receives hundreds of quotes, some of which include unusual products, which simply can’t be found in Europe. These include canine mobility wheelchairs, toothpaste for horses, US presidents Donald Trump’s hair wig and replacement airplane parts. 


Discounts, sales and promotional codes 


You’ve probably heard that it is usual for merchants in Lithuania to raise the regular price and then announcing a sale just to drop the price back to the regular price and make an illusion that the price is now lower. These types of sales tactics are simply a deception. Of course, this might not always be the case, however, it is worth remembering that any story is made from some type of truth. Another story is with the US merchants. Discounts and sales are significantly bigger and sometimes it is even hard to believe them. Even though we sometimes think how is it possible for merchants to even make profit selling products at such prices. Nevertheless, enough with the small talk, it’s time to get down to business. Once a product with an extremely low price is found, there’s no time to think as it may be gone in seconds. 



Maybe you know someone who avoids shopping online and rejects the thought of purchasing products from the US? Share our blog post and maybe those 52 percent will grow larger and you’ll be the reason for it! Help your friends save money and make Romania and Lithuania a more innovative, cosmopolitan and bolder country. 


Take a look at the US online store giants. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find the products that you will want to purchase. Send links to your selected product to us using the quote form found on our website and we’ll send you an offer in 24 hours that will also include ALL applicable taxes.


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