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Why is it worth purchasing clothes from the US?

2019-10-08 14:18:31

You probably have heard it a hundred times, that foreigners that visit Europe are amazed by desire that locals have to always be fashionably dressed. This is not a huge surprise as people from Asian and Scandinavian countries where people are used to wear active lifestyle clothing, don’t refrain from wearing basic clothes at such cultural places like museums, restaurants or theaters and also do not put much effort in picking their outfit for work. On the other hand, europeans love to be noticed and complimented on their outfits. It is said that being fashionably dressed does make you feel more confident. Furthermore, this might also represent your social or financial status and is a way to show your personal identity and style. 


Although, the variety of clothing products increases every year in Europe and online stores are always renewing their stock, many fashion lovers are left without being able to find desired items or the price in many cases is too high. Thus, many are left to look for clothes elsewhere and usually choose to order them from foreign online stores. Larger countries have a wider variety of products and a more competitive market, which influences lower product prices. This is why many fashion lovers are determined to spend their salaries on US online stores. Looks like the myth that the US is the land of opportunities is becoming more of a reality, especially for people looking for clothes at unbelievably low prices. 


You probably now thinking, why is it worth purchasing clothes from the US? How should I order them? Where should I look?  Let Shipzee lead you in the right direction. 


1. Wider variety of products and brands 

It happened so that the US has one of the biggest clothing industries in the world. There are more than 300 million people living in the US, therefore, there’s no doubt in the size and success of this industry’s development.  You have probably heard of the expression “Every person has a different opinion”. Exactly - everyone wants to have their own style and this leads to an abundant variety of different clothing options. 77% of the US territory has access to the internet and this creates a comfortable environment for popular brands to grow their reputation. About 10% of all US sales are done through online stores and each year this number increases. These and other indicators influence brand development in the US, therefore, the selection of available products does not amaze here anymore. alone offers more than 34 thousand on sale products! And this does not even include the products that are listed without any discounts… It’s obvious that the selection of products here is absurdly large. You can spend hours looking through products, checking different item categories and compare prices knowing that you might not only be window shopping as the prices on US online clothing stores are amazingly low.


2. Lower prices

As the US has an incomparably large market, which involves various brands and retailers, competition here is immense. The advantage point here is crucial and lower and more consumer acceptable prices are the deciding force. Not to mention the always ongoing sales that we covered previously. 


3. Frequently occuring sales

Even though there are enough signs on Lithuanian stores that read  DISCOUNTS, SALES or FINAL MARKDOWNS, the actual prices of products do not even come close to the prices offered by US retailers during massive sales. Such well known sales  as Cyber Monday or  Black Friday offer discounts up to 97%. During these discounts you’re able to purchase products from such brands as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Ugg, Lacoste iki Prada, Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Guess, Vans, Adidas, Nike, Fila or others at extremely low prices. 



4. Be the first to get the products from the newest collection

US brands usually release their newest clothing collection in their local market first. This might be to test the success of the newest collection before releasing it in other countries or due to geographic convenience, however, there are no doubts that new product collections created in the US are also first released here. As new items reach Lithuania later, having an opportunity to purchase these items sooner from the US for some is like a breath of fresh air. You’ll be the first to rock your new Nikes on the streets of Lithuania and with the new Michael Kors handbag you’ll only be hearing compliments and questions - “Hey, where did you get this??” 


5. Higher quality clothes 

For many manufacturers, the US is one of the most important markets and in order to suit the consumer they only use high quality materials in manufacturing their products.  There’s an old saying “american quality” or “american car”. These usually describe comfort, convenience and quality.

Rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality products, which will last you for years by purchasing them directly from US online stores.


It is worth noting that not all US online stores provide shipping options to Lithuania and the ones that do often charge high shipping and delivery fees. This can be easily solved using is a fast and easy to use shopping platform, which uses various savings methods that lets you get your order from the US online stores at low prices and with ease. Simply send the link of the selected item using the quote form found on  our official website and in less than 24 hours our team will send you an email with an offer to the selected item, which will include all applicable taxes and shipping fees. More information on shipping and import fees can be found on our post dedicated to it here.  


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