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US size guide for clothes and shoes

2019-09-26 14:03:33

Shopping online is fun and easy way to buy the latest clothes and shoes collections from all over the world. The only disadvantage by shopping online is size mismatch. Fashion houses from different continents and countries use different measurement systems. The most iconic fashion countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Chine, South Korea, Japan, the US and Great Britain use slightly different sizes system. Though it is hard to order from one country to another and expect that clothes will suit perfectly. 


 How to choose the right size of clothes and shoes?


How to buy shoes or clothes if you do not know which size matches your regular size in another country? The easiest way is to try something on from the local physical store first and then order from virtual shop. But sometimes it is not possible, as not all of the brands are the same at all countries…

So if we want to buy something abroad, first of all we have to get acquainted with various measurement systems. Find out how to convert pounds to kilograms and inches to centimeters, use size charts to identify your regular size with another country’s or brand’s size. Look for size charts on each e-shop. They should be the most precise.


We dedicate this blog post for size charts to help you not to get lost among various brand’s sizes. Bookmark it and have always at a hand ;)


Women’s shoe size chart 



Men’s shoe size chart 



Women’s clothing size chart



Men’s clothing size charts 



As you already noticed the same S or M or other size in different Europe’s brand stores are different. So we honestly advice to measure yourself first and then see which size is the closest to your regular size. Individual measurement should help you find the best matching size. Just do not forget to convert inches to centimeters or vice versa. 


Some universal size charts are not very specific, so you shouldn’t trust them blindly. If a brand has its own size chart uploaded on its web site, we highly recommend to follow it. If you can find products reviews or forums where people are discussing about your brand’s size matching, take  a few minutes to read them. We are going to provide some size charts of the most popular e-shops among Shipzee users. 


Guessfactory size chart



Amazon size chart


Women’s clothing sizes 

Men’s clothing sizes

Shoe sizes



Macy’s size chart



Nordstromrack size chart



Finishline size chart



Other popular brands size charts:



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