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The smartest Europeans buy electronics from these e-shops and save hundreds of dollars

2019-10-02 10:33:00

Stop for a moment and imagine that there are no any electronics e-shops. How does your life look like without electronics goods? You wake up when the sun rises, boil water and cook on an open fire, do not use computers in the workplace, if you want to send a message, you are going to the closest post office, you do not watch TV or listen to the radio at home, when you want to chat with somebody, you are visiting your neighbours and drinking coffee together...


Have you just felt uncomfortable?


No worries - we are living in an age of highly developed technologies and electronics. Today we are using electronics for casual jobs, communication and entertainment. Modern robots are independently mowing lawns, cleaning floors and windows for us. We are using electronics for washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cooking. In a spare time we are watching TV, playing video games or spending time on social networks… Sometimes we are choosing electric scooters or bikes instead of busses or cars. Finally the time we used to spend on casual jobs, we can spend with family and friends.


Electronics are all around us


We know that we are dependent on electronics. There is such a huge choice of electronics providers all around the globe. Romanians are buying electronics too - not only in Romania, but also in the US, where there are a wide variety of goods and discounts - up to 90% so customers can save up to 600 US dollars per item. 


Shipzee buyers suggested the best e-shops to buy electronic goods. All e-shops are quite different, so we decided to prepare an electronics shopping guide. There you will find all the information about the most recommended goods, deals, sales and discounts.



1. - the latest models of computers, computer components and phones




It’s hard to believe that BestBuy is operating since 1966. From then till now the company is dedicated to electronics and knows it inside out. BestBuy owns more than 1000 physical shops and one global e-shop. It is one of the biggest electronics retailers in the world. It is easy to navigate and find all you are searching for on BestBuy eshop. The company is really modern and innovative. It always suggest the newest models of computers, laptops, computer components and phones. 


DISCOUNTS: Daily and weekly deals. Biggest sales - 4th of July, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Sony, Samsung, LG, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Canon.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: the newest computers, laptops, computer components, phones, smart watches, video games, drones, headphones.


2. - for the most selective electronics fans



NewEgg empowers customers to make the best purchasing decisions by offering detailed product information, peer reviews, expert opinions and product tutorials. It also provides one of the best customer support services. The company has really wide choice of electronic goods and provides huge discounts for selected products.


DISCOUNTS. Daily deals + sale category. Up to 56% discounts on a regular basis.  

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Corsair, Asus, Intel, Nvidia, AMD, G. Skill

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS:  smart phones, laptops, computer components, drones.


3. - for everyone’s taste



From cable to the smart home system - on Amazon you can buy everything you need. Recently Amazon has started featuring it’s own brands’ production like “Echo” portable sound speakers, “Fire” tablets for adults and kids and “Kindle” e-readers. The most goods are also enabled by Alexa assistant. These products are always in the center of Amazon’s electronics and are usually discounted. Besides Amazon’s brands there are loads of other electronics provided by various providers from all over the world. Take your time, search carefully and compare the prices. 

DISCOUNTS: Daily Deals + Lightning offers (limited time) + Outlet. The biggest sale - “Amazon Prime Days”(on the middle of July), Black Friday, Cyber Monday. 


RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: portable speakers, tablets, e-readers, smart phones, accessories. 

4.  - mecca of audiovisual artists



Over 3 million professionals and enthusiasts in the world of imaging, audio and technology rely on B&H for their equipment needs. B&H offers the best quality goods, superior service and generous discounts. There you can find a wide range of tech goods and equipment for professional studios. Worth noticing that B&H offers new and renewed products, so buyers can choose themselves which one to take. 

Despite the main focus on photo, audio and video products, B&H offers laptops, smart phones, drones and optic devices as well.

DISCOUNTS: invites all deal hunters to visit Specials and DealZone tabs on a web site. There you can find  up to $500 - $600 discounts per item. 

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Canon, Nikon, Sony, DJI, GoPro, BenQ.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: audio, video, photo equipment, drones, optic devices.


5. - from experts to experts



Adorama’s story has begun 35 years ago - from one physical shop in New York. Now Adorama is one of the most popular e-shop in the world, selling photo, video, audio equipment, musical instruments and electronics. There you can find a lot of professionals who are the real experts of their field. They consult, share their experience and help customers choose the right products. Adorama sells new and used goods. 


NUOLAIDOS: Check out the Deals category.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Leica, Olympus.

RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: audio, video, photo equipment, musical instruments, action cameras. 


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