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Import taxes and shipping fees, when purchasing items from the US using Shipzee

2019-09-30 09:06:46

Many wonder, how is Shipzee in most occasions able to purchase the selected item in the US and deliver it to Lithuania at a lower price than by purchasing the item yourself? That is why we prepared a small guide in order for you to not get lost in tax labyrinths and have larger savings.


USA - wide selection and huge variety of products


We’re hearing it more often that online stores will defeat and push out traditional physical stores from the market.  Of course, we’re not stating that all products will only be available online, however, we do think that more and more people tend to associate shopping to duties and not pastime.  


As lifestyle for many is becoming faster and many are trying to save as much money as possible, most people are often opting to do their shopping on online stores as it is much quicker. It’s obvious that googling products is easier and less time consuming than going around various shopping malls.


However, many believing that they could purchase the needed product on Lithuanian online stores quicker and at a lower price, overshoot their mark. Why is it so? This is because the foreign markets, and especially the US market, offers a wide selection of lower-price alternatives and a larger variety of products. Online stores from bigger markets also offer a fairly fast order delivery service. You might think that not all US online stores offer shipping to Europe or if they do offer it, the import taxes and shipping fees are too big and the delivery time is not so appealing. Then you can use Shipzee and forget these  problems. 


What is Shipzee and how does it help you save time and money? 


Shipzee is a unique and easy to use online shopping platform, which lets the client to order products from US online stores with ease. All the technical work is done for the client, therefore “forced housework” quickly becomes an enjoyable pastime. In order words, Shipzee is your representative in the US, which helps you order and deliver the selected products from online stores and in many cases helps you save time and money than if you opted to make the purchase yourself. 


Shipzee offers low service fees, high quality and fast assistance and quick order delivery from US online stores to any place in Lithuania. It is also worth noting, that by using various purchase techniques, Shipzee is able to offer great product prices and low import taxes and shipping fees.  

To those that still wonder has everything works, we prepared a more detailed what/how/why explanation below. 


How is Shipzee able to offer such low prices for products from the US? 


By using various savings techniques and methods, Shipzee is able to offer especially attractive product prices for shopping from US online stores and having products shipped to Europe. You might wonder, what are those methods? Our diligent and professional consultants are bringing down mountains in order to offer the lowest price possible. They search, communicate, plan, add, deduct, measure nine times and only cut once. 


More specifically, Shipzee has a wide range of business partners, which offer additional discounts. Having a US warehouse also opens an opportunity to consolidate packages, which helps lower the shipping prices. As they say, there’s no “I” in Team, therefore, joined forces is key to efficiency. Furthermore, the platform uses secret discount codes and gift cards that are not available to everyone. 



Do Shipzee offers include all applicable taxes? 


You can read us like an open book. All applicable taxes, which include sales tax and import taxes are included in the final price listed in the offer. Due to the service specification that Shipzee offers, we are able to cover a part of the taxes for on behalf of our clients. Thinking you’ve just reached heaven? Well, you’re not to far from it. Together with Shipzee, ordering from the US is as easy as 2x2.


How does Shipzee benefit from this?


We consider ourselves to be an open platform, therefore, answering these types of questions is not uncomfortable to us. Long term experience in order mediation lets us use a fixed service fee. By using partnership programs with product sellers we are able to make savings from the actual product price and by consolidating packages we are able to lower shipping fees, the final product price presented to you in the offer will still be lower than if you decide to purchase the product without using Shipzee.  


An example of how you could be saving by using Shipzee can be seen below.



To order products from US online stores fill in the quote form found on our website - Fill in the form by providing your email address, the links to the selected products and discounts codes in the comment section if any are available. Shipzee will prepare and send you an offer via email in less than 24 hours, that will include all applicable taxes for the selected items. If the offer suits you, simply make a payment for it. If the offer is not suitable for you, you can always look for other product alternatives that could be found at a better price due to the wide variety of products that the US market can offer.


Also, if you are really keen on saving, check for discounts, special offers and make purchases during major sales. This way you can save up to 90% of the product price.

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