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Best e-shops in US to buy branded clothes for the lowest prices

2019-10-01 11:57:22


Europeans buy goods in the US because they are usually cost less than in Europe, are of a high quality and it is possible to choose products from a broad assortment. Having this in mind shopping in the US is a perfect way to get original goods and save. 


Clothes are the most popular products among other categories that come from the US to Europe. Shipzee clients confirm this fact as well. They enjoy shopping in various clothes e-shops, especially in Macys, NordstromRack, 6PM, Belk and Dillards. Wondering why they are shopping in these e-shops? Let’s see why they are so special and why it is worth shopping there. 


1. Macys - clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family


Macy’s is one of the most popular e-shops among Europeans. There are a wide choice of branded goods for the whole family with lower price tags than in official designers’ e-shops. It’s not a secret that you can find up-to-date and stylish goods with lower prices than in Europe’s brick and mortar shops. On Macy’s e-shop you can get sports shoes, designer dresses, jeans, shirts, handbags, watches, school bags and loads of other kinds of goods. Here you can find luxury jewelry, bedding sets, luggage, dishes, towels and cosmetics as well.

DISCOUNTS: approximately from 25% to 65%. Discounts are even bigger during sales.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Michael Kors, Adidas, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein.

WORTH TO GET: handbags, dresses, underwear, shoes, kids goods and watches.


2. NordstromRack - for the most stylish people



Nordstrom Rack is a little bit similar to Macy’s. Like on Macy’s, on Nordstrom Rack e-shop are loads of categories and filters. If you are in love with style - Nordstrom Rack is going to be your favorite e-shop. Here you can get both practical and extravagant clothes. It does not matter if you prefer a bohemian, hippie or modern style, here you’ll find everything you are looking for. This e-shop will suit for everyone: from the most shy to the most iconic person.

DISCOUNTS: you can find up to 90% discounts on the clearance tab.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: UGG, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Crocs, The North Face, Birkenstock.

WORTH TO GET: Hunter rain boots, UGG winter boots, Adidas sportswear, leggins,  Fjällräven backpacks and various cosmetics.


3. 6PM - the most popular brands in one place



6PM is the best spot for shoes, handbags and kidswear lovers. Here you can find the most stylish materials, fashionable patterns and latest designer collections. 6PM provides an opportunity to get an original clothes, shoes and accessories. It does not matter if you are going to meet your friends or are preparing for a date - 6PM will cover you. At 6PM you can find clothes for the whole family for any style or occasion. This e-shop is really famous for a big discounts. So if you are a discount hunter, this e-shop suits you well. 


DISCOUNTS: you can find up to 85% discounts during sales.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Crocs, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Puma, Adidas, Levi's, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, DKNY

WORTH TO GET: casual Crocs shoes, Calvin Klein high heels, Ralph Lauren kidswear, Guess handbags, Dr. Martens boots. 


4. Belk - for the sale lovers



Belk - is the most popular e-shop for people who want to get the highest quality clothes for the low price. Here you can find a generous clearance section where discounts are often bigger than you expect. At Belk you can shop for the whole family as well as in previous e-shops. Despite a wide choice of clothes here you can find beauty goods, kitchen appliances and fragrances.  


DISCOUNTS: discounts on clearance tab can be up to 85%.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Columbia, Levi’s, UGG, Chanel, KitchenAid.

WORTH TO GET: Chanel cosmetics and fragrances, birthday and Christmas gifts, branded boots, kidswear.


5. Dillards - for the real fashionistas



Dillards is one of the best choices for fashionable people. It’s worth visiting for millenials as well as for Z generation. Dillards is famous for wide choice of well-known brands and fits to all needs. Here you can find from various cosmetics, beautiful swimwear, workwear, coats to educational toys. After you shop at Dillards, you will feel more fashionable and more self-confident. 


DISCOUNTS: discounts on clearance tab can be up to 90%.

THE MOST POPULAR BRANDS: Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Levi’s, UGG, Ralph Loren, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden.

WORTH TO GET: UGG boots, Calvin Klein high heels, dresses for farewell banquet, Ralph Lauren underwear, Michel Kors handbags, Levi’s kidswear.


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